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The state of driver monitoring and mvr monitoring vs mvr checks

The State of Driver Monitoring

IT CANNOT BE EMPHASIZED ENOUGH… Minimizing the effects of or removing risky drivers from a fleet is the highest value a fleet can gain from its safety program, not only because it protects lives, but goes directly to protecting a…

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fleet safety policy is one step in overcoming coming hurdles to continuous mvr monitoring

Corporate Inertia: Overcoming Hurdles to Continuous MVR Monitoring

DRIVER BEHAVIOR IS THE BIGGEST SOURCE OF FLEET LIABILITY Pulling a motor vehicle record (MVR)  just once a year means risky drivers go unnoticed for a longer period of time. For instance, if a driver gets a DWI soon after…

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Liabilty: Why good enough isnt good enough when it comes to MVR monitoring

Liability: Why ‘Good Enough’ Isn’t Enough

LIABILITY COSTS CONTINUE TO BE A REALITY FOR FLEETS When accident liability is in question, fleet managers need to be aware of their driver’s most current safety history. Not employing a continuous MVR monitoring program is a risky position for fleets, exposing…

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