Business Intelligence: Safety Performer SM

With a single sign-on, you can now manage compliance, safety and accountability as well as monitor your drivers’ license status when you add Safety Performer to SuperVision License Monitor. This robust software gives fleet and safety managers a snapshot of what’s happening thereby improving efficiency, boosting safety and cutting costs by identifying why safety problems are occurring in order to provide coaching, recommend remedies and encourage corrective action(s).

More than a CSA scorecard with these beyond compliance abilities:

• Integrated TMS and Telematics data to deliver a complete safety profile
• Daily FMCSA updates and near real-time critical event monitoring combined with customizable workflow allow you to manage the exceptions and consolidate safety processes.
• Score your drivers using only preventable accidents
• Predictive risk indicator warnings for those needing safety behavior counseling
• Categorize accidents and analyze those categories vs critical event and cost trends
• Video training assignment based on custom carrier profile settings

SuperVision Suite

The SuperVision® Suite

With the SuperVision Suite, you can now you can receive and analyze CSA, telematic and crash data, and get continuous motor vehicle record (MVR) monitoring, including driver license status and violation updates for any driver on your team. All powered by the industry’s most comprehensive data coverage featuring timely updates from all 50 states.

Learn more about each of the SuperVision solutions:

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