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Creating a Domino Effect: 5 Cascading Benefits of a Safety Culture

Creating a Domino Effect: Five Cascading Benefits of a Saftey Culture

Learn how a safety culture can create a positive domino effect Safety is a top-of-mind concern for fleets and their companies. But a safety culture does more than protect drivers and the public. A focus on safety can also maximize…

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Mitigate Fleet Risk With Driver Training

LEARN HOW TO MITIGATE FLEET RISK WITH DRIVER TRAINING For industries that are operating on the road, there will always be a risk of accidents or safety incidents. The roads are a dangerous place to operate, with motor vehicle crashes…

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Using Data to Improve Driver Safety

LEARN HOW TO CREATE AND USE ACTIONABLE FLEET DATA Safety is one of the fleet industry’s most critical issues as it seeks to reduce crashes and improve safety standards. The benefits of creating a robust fleet safety culture go far…

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Case Studies

Knight Transportation Hazmat Compliance

Knight Transportation: Improve HazMat Compliance CSA BASIC

Using Hazmat Informer, Knight Transportation improved their Hazardous Materials Compliance CSA BASIC ranking from the 99th percentile to Zero. Like many motor carriers, to manage hazardous material compliance and tracking, prior to Hazmat Informer, Knight drivers would manually complete a…

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Transport America: Improving Driver Fitness Score with License Monitoring

The goal of higher, sustained license status visibility drives Transport America to implement a Continuous License Monitoring solution, resulting in a dramatic improvement in their driver fitness score. Transport America was experiencing low license status visibility when it came to…

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Digital Document Storage Success with W. N. Morehouse and Document Vault

W. N. Morehouse: Success with Document Vault

Digital recordkeeping is becoming a necessity in today’s trucking environment. W. N. Morehouse Truck Line needed an efficient, integrated approach to its driver data management. It found it with SuperVision’s Document Vault. The implementation of the ELD Rule in December…

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Solera | SuperVision acquires edriving

SuperVision Parent Company, Solera Holdings Inc, Acquires eDriving

Westlake, TX, June 2, 2021 – Solera Holdings, Inc. (“Solera”) today announced that it has acquired eDriving, the digital driver risk management partner for many of the world’s largest commercial fleets. This acquisition expands Solera’s position as the preeminent global…

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Navajo Express a SuperVision testimonial. SuperVision is better than Samba Safety

Navajo Express Partners with Explore Information Services to Implement SuperVision ®, the Ultimate Safety Data Dashboard

Explore Information Service’s SuperVision ® platform provides Navajo Express with the capabilities to effectively manage and utilize safety data DENVER, CO – (12/4/18) — Navajo Express (“Navajo”), a nationwide shipping and trucking company, has seen dramatic safety results through its…

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Document Vault

SuperVision ® Launches Document Vault, A Comprehensive Data Records Tool

EAGAN, Minn, (June 4, 2018) – SuperVision® today announced Document Vault®, the latest expansion to the brand’s License Monitor solution for commercial fleets. An easy to use, web-based storage application, Document Vault is designed to provide fleets instant and secure access to their driver records and documents.

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Using Actionable Data to Improve Driver Safety


The volume of fleet safety data is continually expanding. The data alone, even when normalized and aggregated, cannot identify the difference between good and risky drivers. The adage “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” explains the need for tools…

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Actionable Data: Creating a Holistic View of the Driver

Actionable Data: Creating a Holistic View of the Driver

Data is abundant in the fleet industry and can be overwhelming. There is data flowing to a fleet manager like an open firehose from many sources and in varying formats. To make the data actionable a few things need to…

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Driver Safety Data: Evolution to Real-Time Analytics


In its infancy, driver safety data and accident analytics were reactive, focusing on motor vehicle reports (MVRs) and analyzing broad-based data per million miles. As recently as two decades ago, the standard practice was to review a driver’s MVR at…

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Product Sheets

License Monitor

Monitor drivers across all 50 states and across Canada with one easy-to-use application. EASILY SUPERVISE YOUR FLEET AND MANAGE  YOUR RISKS WITH LICENSE MONITOR™. License Monitor is an industry-leading, continuous driver license monitoring solution that provides actionable data and motor…

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Safety Performer from SuperVision

Safety Performer

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: SAFETY PERFORMER With a single sign-on, you can now manage compliance, safety and accountability as well as monitor your drivers’ license status when you add Safety Performer to SuperVision License Monitor. This robust software gives fleet and safety managers a snapshot…

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Driver Coach - Driver Training

Driver Coach

REDUCE ACCIDENTS FLEET-WIDE WITH DRIVER COACH – A DRIVER TRAINING PROGRAM THAT FOCUSES ON SAFE DRIVING BEHAVIOR The Driver Coach library of fleet driver safety training modules, using real-life video footage, is designed to provide drivers with short, single topic-focused…

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benefits of a fleet safety program and safety culture

On-Demand Webinar: Benefits of a Fleet Safety Culture

Safety — it’s the top priority of most fleets. Safety culture & a comprehensive fleet safety program deliver a positive impact to the comany’s bottom line. During this on-demand webinar, viewers will learn how implementing a safety program delivers five…

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Why Monitor Drivers? Safety Begins with Knowing

Continuous Monitoring Benefits

What Are The Benefits of a Continuous Monitoring Program? Save time & reduce costs when you eliminate annual MVR pulls. Reduce time and cost of reviewing MVRs up to 30%  Reduce MVR expense up to 20% Protect your business &…

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Why Monitor Drivers? Safety Begins with Knowing

Annual MVR Pulls = 364 Days of Blindness

ONE MVR PULL A YEAR ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH What is happening the other 364 days? If a company only pulls driver records once a year, and a driver has a violation the day after, he or she has a 364…

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