Utility drivers can often be on the road for long periods of time providing communities with vital services such as power, natural gas and water. FMCSA requires an annual motor vehicle record review for any utility driver, however checking once or twice a year is no longer enough. A lot can happen in the course of a year.

Having an unlicensed or unqualified driver on the road is not something utility companies can afford. What’s more, managing driver license activity is a demanding task. It’s not enough to just request and file motor vehicle records. You have to review each and every one and make a determination as to whether or not any license activity warrants attention. It’s likely that properly licensed drivers may still present a safety hazard to your organization and/or the public.

The only effective way to manage driver risk is to proactively monitor utility driver license activity. See what SuperVison can do for your organization.

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Monitoring & Compliance

License Monitor

License Monitor sends ‘as they occur’ alerts for all driving violations, such as DWIs, speeding, illegal maneuvers and more. Your organization will also receive alerts for non-driving offenses, license status changes due to suspensions, revocations and expirations, and medical certificate downgrades.

  • DWI
  • Speeding
  • Illegal maneuver
  • Suspension/Revocation/Expiration
  • Medical certificate downgrades

Safety & Risk Analytics

Driver Performer - safety & risk analytics

Driver Performer brings together all of the key operations metrics in an easy to use dashboard. Retain the “best of the best drivers”, improve fuel efficiencies, reduce insurance costs, improve asset utilization, enhance workflow, increase on-time service, and focus on profitability – all with one program!

  • Consolidate key metrics in one view
  • Automated driver reviews
  • Intelligent peer grouping
  • Driver retention alerts
  • Driver pay for performance reporting

Benefits of Driver Monitoring

  • Monitor all types of vehicles and drivers
  • Easily monitor any size public safety fleet
  • Receive data from 50 states and Canada
  • Receive one-click automated motor vehicle report (MVR) ordering
  • Store all driver related documents in a single secure location with Document Vault
  • Stay informed 24/7 with the first and only driver license monitoring mobile app


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