The Goal

Saia, a 94-year-old logistics provider was in need of a solution to monitor its more-than-5,000 drivers’ Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) and Compliance Safety & Accountability (CSA) status.


The Challenge


First, it was difficult to batch process the large number of driver records using its previous MVR monitoring service. Because of this difficulty, the company had fallen behind on its annual process of validating its drivers were violation-free.


Second, with CSA monitoring, Saia needed a better way to measure and have transparency of (1) its drivers’ status and violations that may have been received, and (2) whether a driver had been put out of service — and hadn’t reported it to the company.

The Soultion

Saia turned to SuperVision to provide continuous driver’s license monitoring. With its implementation, Saia has found the stress and inefficiencies related to driver management have been eliminated.

“SuperVision is just stress free. It’s easy to use and the company is easy to work with. The website is very user-friendly; it’s just an overall better experience. So when we were meeting with SuperVision, saw how the solutions worked, and how easy they were to use, we said, ‘Yes, let’s do this.’”

-Charity Rabideau, Safety Administrative Coordinator for Saia.

SuperVision is cost-effective because, we could have a driver on the road that we didn’t know was driving with a suspended license or other issue, and if he got into an accident or something else happened it could be a serious problem for everyone involved. Now, we know that we will be able to take that driver off the road as soon as we get an alert. - Charity Rabideau, Safety Administrative Coordinator for Saia