The Goal

Estes Express Lines, a 77-year-old transportation solutions provider, needed a means to monitor its drivers to determine if they had violations on the MVRs and that they were in compliance with the CSA.

The Grueling Processes


Estes was pulling MVRs once a year which was not only time consuming but proved inefficient. During the review process, they were continually finding drivers whose licenses had been suspended for months. With a fleet size of about 6,000 drivers, it was unacceptable. 


The process to keep CSA records up to date included manually printing off reports from the DOT portal and updating a spreadsheet on a shared drive. This was not only time consuming, but prone to inconsistencies, and there were even instances when the entire file was inadvertently deleted.

The Solution

In 2012, Estes adopted SuperVision’s License Monitor and CSA Performer. 

“There’s nothing like them out there. We’ve tried solutions from other providers, but they didn’t have the tracking or the monitoring like SuperVision has.”  -Teqea Cross, Supervisor, Compliance-Safety, Estes Express Lines


One of our drivers from Kentucky was downgraded this morning, and we were able to stop him and get someone to go out there and basically bring him in, because had he been inspected without a downgraded CDL, that’s not only a point against him, but that’s a point against us too. So it’s a beautiful program. - Teqea Cross, Supervisor, Compliance-Safety, Estes Express Lines