How Real-time Monitoring Protects Against Negligent Entrustment

April 01, 2020 in Industry News

As you’re looking back on the past year, consider whether you are doing everything you can to protect your fleet and business. Is the annual motor vehicle record (MVR) enough to keep your drivers safe and protect your company from Negligent Entrustment liability? Many fleet operators have found that they require a solution with license status visibility 365 days out…

The State of the CSA Score: IRT and The FMCSA

April 01, 2019 in Industry News

What is IRT and how will it affect the trucking industry? Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about CSA scores and possible changes. The FMCSA is working on an IRT model to possibly supplement and/or replace current CSA scores. What do fleet operators and safety managers need to know to stay in compliance with…

Looking Ahead: 2019 Promises to Bring Trucking Industry Changes & Reforms

December 17, 2018 in Industry News

The New Year will bring some much needed changes to the way fleet safety scores are measured, reforms to the HOS rules, and the end of the use of AOBRDs. SuperVision can help you meet these trucking industry changes and stay in compliance. As a regulated truck fleet, you know that new rules and regulations are part of the operational…

Continuous MVR Monitoring: Overcoming “The Good Enough” Objection

January 03, 2018 in Industry News

According to conventional wisdom, pulling a driver’s motor vehicle record (MVR) once a year is enough to identify risky drivers. In fact, it gives risky drivers a long grace period before discovery and unnecessarily raises the fleet’s risk profile and potential for a costly liability claim.

Negligent Entrustment: Ignorance is Not Bliss or an Excuse

October 09, 2017 in Industry News

Picture this scenario: It’s nearing the end of the work day and it has been a productive, but uneventful day — thank goodness — and you’re almost ready to head home for a well-earned evening of relaxation. Just as you’re getting ready to walk out the door, you get a phone call. One of your drivers rear-ended another vehicle on…