Measure, Identify, Proactively Coach

Improve Driver Retention Through Active Engagement and Monitoring


Alerts enable managers to recognize and segregate new drivers with higher risk of leaving.


Scheduled driver touch points with customized talking points builds bond between driver and manager.


Monetized scoring by manager ensures fleet managers are accountable for driver retention.


Target “at risk” drivers by tracking retention trends by driver length of service, manager, and new driver touch point data.

How You Can Stop Your Driver Shortage?

With the ongoing shortage of experienced truck drivers, fleets need to think outside the box to find ways to recruit drivers.

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Did you know?


88% is the industry annual driver turnover.


$8200 is the average cost to replace a driver in the heavy duty truck market.

1 year

1 year is the average tenure for drivers, as compared to 4.4 years in other industries.


33% of drivers quit the job within the first 90 days.

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